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Mr. Price,

I am interested in your stance on HB450, and the rights of the law abiding gun owners of our state. Self defense is quite frown upon in our state. I want to know what you would to improve on self defense laws in Delaware. I would also like to know if you support, and would fight for the rights to own common use firearms without the need for “compliant” modifications.


Mr. Price,

I’m interested in your views on HB450, and the gun rights of the law abiding citizens of our state. I would like to know if support/ will fight for reinstating our rights, and reinstate our ability to own common use firearms without special “compliant” modifications.


I cannot compete with other people running for governor money wise. But we can do great things for other people. If you are going to donate to my campaign .Please donate the money to St. Jude’s. That would be the greatest thing we can do. Please.


What is your position on the HB350? and how do you intend to beat a seasoned opponent like Julianne Murray?

Larry Sullivan

What if anything would you do to shrink the size and cost of Delaware government? What is your position on reducing the number of school districts within the state? What is your stance on racial and gender discrimination sponsored by the state?

Jerrold A. Price

Tomorrow I will be at . April 13. Grounds Cafe 1208Kirkwood Hwy. !1 am thru 1230pm. It is elsmere , De. Where a democrat is for gender changes. Just sick

James Clinkscale

Dear Mr. Price,

I am writing to you on behalf of the US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, to address a matter of significant importance regarding your website,

It has come to our attention that your website currently does not meet the compliance standards outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ADA compliance is crucial to ensure equal access to goods and services offered online for individuals with disabilities. Non-compliance with ADA standards can lead to serious consequences, including legal ramifications, financial penalties, and potential removal of your website from the internet.

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In accordance with the ADA, you are hereby served with a notice to bring your website into compliance within the next seven days. We strongly recommend promptly contacting your website design agency and instructing them to implement the necessary adjustments for ADA compliance. This may involve paying an ADA compliance fee to the agency along with the State. It is imperative to act swiftly to avoid potential legal consequences. Should you fail to engage your design agency within the stipulated timeframe, we will directly contact them to ensure your website’s ADA compliance and have them charge you accordingly. Otherwise, we will request the removal of your website from the internet along with any social media profiles.

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Should you require further information or assistance regarding ADA compliance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your immediate attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

James Clinkscale
State ADA Coordinator
US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division

Robert Smalls

Please do not be afraid to register voters in the style of Scott Presler, and don’t avoid visiting Wilmington for the campaign. That is your campaign advice I will give

Tyler Massey

I was wanting to know your stance is on the Delaware “assault weapons” ban that was signed in 2022? And if elected, will you stand for gun rights of law abiding Delaware citizens?

James Letterman

Hello Jerry, this is the first im seeing or hearing of your name for governor of DE. I would love to know more of your plans for DE. “Gun control” , drug problems in DE, Marijuana standpoint, how should police be looked at from your stand point in the eyes of citizens in todays world. Etc. Etc.

jim schwitters

I’ve Known Jerry Price for 40 plus years, Delaware can’t go wrong by electing this man Honest, straight shooter. He will make Delaware a much safer, and better place to live!

Jerrold A. Price

Thank you everyone for the support I will do a great job

Jerrold A. Price

Today is 2024. on valentines day in 1987 I was on patrol in a police car. When a man approached my police car and said mother fucker your dead. Me and Benny were working a 12X 8 and we just said to each other a norther hour and we call it a day . Thats when a man a pulled a gun and fired a bullet through my window. If he had killed me I would have 4 grand children and 2 beautiful daughters. My parents would have to bury thier son. Fucken crazy .

Jerrold A. Price

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