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Jerry Price, a seasoned state leader and a former NYPD officer, devoted his career to serving and safeguarding the United States. With his wealth of experience and forward-thinking approach, he is well-equipped to transform Delaware into the optimal environment for living, working, and raising a family. In his role as Governor, Jerry Price remains committed to tirelessly advocating for an inclusive economy that benefits all.
“Thumbs up for a brighter tomorrow with Grandpa Jerry – Your Vote Counts!”

Jerry Price

Republican For Governor

Get to Know Jerry Price Better

Jerry Price, a retired NYPD officer with a dedicated career in serving and protecting the nation, recounts his involvement in the 9/11 response efforts. Having chosen Delaware for a peaceful retirement two decades ago, he unexpectedly found himself serving the community through the Rehoboth Beach Police Department. Despite health challenges from past service limiting his ability to patrol, Jerry remains committed to addressing pressing issues in Delaware and outlines his vision for a better state.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create a better future for our nation and its citizens. We are driven by a shared vision of progress, equality, and prosperity for all.

Insurance Reform

I have personally grappled with the complexities of dealing with insurance companies.

Nursing Home Financial Fairness

Entering a nursing home should not equate to financial ruin. Families should not be torn apart by the weight of nursing home debt.

Drug Crimes and Rehabilitation

Addressing drug crimes requires a multi-faceted approach. While advocating for harsh punishment for drug smugglers.

Strengthening Law Enforcement

To combat rising crime rates, I propose increasing the presence of officers on our streets.

Education and Career Readiness

I support comprehensive education, emphasizing college and career readiness.

Social Issues

I stand for traditional values. I firmly believe in recognizing only two genders and maintaining the integrity of women's sports.


My name is Jerry Price. I am a retired NYPD officer. I had the privilege of trying to help our nation during the 911 attacks. I moved my family to the beautiful state of Delaware twenty years ago in the hopes of a fresh start and an easy retirement. I ended up working for the Rehoboth Beach Police Department. Unfortunately, health issues from my previous job inhibited my ability to patrol/protect. I am speaking out because I have seen so many wrongs in our great state that I would like to correct. Here are some of my suggestions for our state legislatures:

1. Insurance – A massive obstacle that I have faced, has been dealing with insurance companies. I have always paid for insurance, yet have an astronomical amount of medical debt because my health
insurance is refused. Because of my police career, I have suffered heart attacks, cancer, and the list goes on. My greatest hope is that if you have insurance, it should be accepted by whatever medical provider best fits your needs, and only required to pay the co-pay amount.

2. Nursing Homes – If a person must be admitted into a nursing home, this should not mean they lose their entire life savings. I have, unfortunately, seen so many families crumble because of nursing home debt. It just isn’t fair.

3. Drug Crimes – If someone is caught smuggling drugs into Delaware, there should be harsh punishment. I also believe that there should be better rehabilitation programs available for those with alcohol and drug addictions. Prison should not be the only place where people can get help. For some, that means it’s too late. In an effort to stem this mounting problem, I will triple the Narcotic Units.

4. Combatting Crime – To help reduce crime, I would like to see more officers on the streets. In New York, no officer was ever without a partner. In today’s environment, it is too dangerous for an officer to be alone in hostile situations. I would like to see a better Neighborhood Stabilization Unit (NSU) to make people safer in Delaware. No one should ever fear their own neighborhood. Also, in an effort to reduce crime, I will authorize the installation of police cameras on all roadways coming into Delaware.

5. Schools – I am all for college and career readiness. Some districts have done a great job at setting up career pathways for those not interested in college. I hope to see secondary schools giving more opportunities for internships in the various trades. I also feel that this would help alleviate some of the unemployment issues that our state faces. Invest in our students, and you invest in our community, as well as our future.

6. There will be only two genders recognized, and men will not be playing in women’s sports.

7. I will never close small I businesses.

8. I will never make electric vehicles mandatory.

9. I will require Del Dot to use illuminating paint on all roadway lines. Whenever possible, construction will be done between the hours of 8PM and 4AM.

10. I will not advocate the installation of onshore/offshore windmills. I do not think they are cost effective.


Your friend and neighbor,

Jerry Price

I'll fight for you

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I advocate for a streamlined insurance system that prioritizes individuals needs. My plan involves working towards a model where insurance coverage aligns closely with the unique needs of each policyholder, reducing the likelihood of rejected claims and ensuring that the burden of medical debt is significantly diminished. The only financial obligation should be the agreed-upon co-pay amount.

I am committed to implementing policies that protect families from the financial strain of nursing home care.

My goal is to establish a fair and just system that shields citizens from the burden of nursing home debt.

No family should be torn apart by financial hardship when faced with the challenges of caring for their loved ones in a nursing home.

To combat rising crime rates, I propose increasing the presence of law enforcement officers on our streets. Building on my experience in New York, I believe in the power of collaboration among officers for community safety. I aim to enhance the Neighborhood Stabilization Unit, ensuring that residents feel secure in their neighborhoods and that law enforcement is actively engaged in crime prevention.

Upcoming Events


Delaware, brace yourselves for an unforgettable evening as we bring you an exclusive rendezvous with the one and only Jerry Price, the dynamic Republican candidate running for governor! 🇺🇸

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Jerrold A. Price

A lot of people are talking to me about family and friends that lost people because of drug overdoses. So sad. Let’s all get toghter and release our emotions. Lets do it toghter.

Jerrold A. Price

I am running for the people of Delaware because I care about you and your family and friends. Now let’s win. Please do not donate any money to me. Donate to St. Jude’s they are a lot stronger than me.

Jerrold A. Price

People of Delaware. Thank you for your time and listening to me. I also listened to you. God bless you all.

Arthur Morgan

Can you address the genocide Israel has instated upon Palestine since decades? How will you move towards this issue and save lives of thousands of Palestinian babies?

Free Markets For All

My greatest hope is that if you have insurance, it should be accepted by whatever medical provider best fits your needs, and only required to pay the co-pay amount.”

How about letting medical providers run their businesses in a free market and decide what they charge for their services? It’s called free market competition, and is difficult for communists to understand. We don’t need socialized medicine with the government telling medical providers what they can charge, how much money they can make, or what payments they have to accept – that’s communism.

Free Markets For All

I will not advocate the installation of onshore/offshore windmills. I do not think they are cost effective.”

Since you’ve always lived on a government paycheck and never had to run a business, why do you believe it is up to the governor of a state what private businesses are allowed to try to make a profit doing? We don’t have a a government-run electrical generation department in the State of Delaware. Why not let profit-motivated private businesses decide for themselves what they think is cost effective, instead of dictating what they can or can’t do like Communist central planning?

Kieran Duffy

What are your thoughts on the rising issues in the LGBTQ+ community?

Judy Graden

I just learned that you are running for Governor and was given your website. I have a few questions. What is your opinion of what happened with the 2020 election? Are you an ‘America First’ candidate who will also put Delaware First?


You are exactly what this state needs. You are exactly what the people need. You are strong, confident, smart & a leader. You may not have much experience in politics, but boy have you seen and witnessed things most people never will in a life time. You took care & supported two young girls on your own in a brand new state and gave them the best possible life you could. You were a police officer in the toughest/scariest city in our country. A heart attack didn’t even stop you, even after having a heart attack in your 30’s after working through 9/11, you then moved to a brand new state & completed the toughest police academy in the country. Nothing has ever stopped you, you continually keep proving yourself. Thank you for having so much heart & caring about this state and our people.

Jerrold A. Price

The federal government is trying to get rid of this site . Politicks is strange.

Jerrold A. Price

I will be at Poly tech H.S. tonight at 7 Pm. In woodside, De. For Q and A

Beth Pepper

I have know Jerry for years and love what he stands for!

Teresa Clifford

You have my vote!

Jerrold A. Price

Good morning, Delaware. I love you.

Jose Pina

Jerry, The people of Delaware are lucky to have you. I can attest that I worked with you for several years in NYPD and met only a handful of officers that care as much for the community they served and the people they worked with, and you my friend are one of them. A a senior officer, you always guided the new officers to do what was right for the community, and you genuinely cared. Which is something that will help you be a great governor! You have my support, all the way from Texas! If I lived in Delaware I would be voting for you!!

Jerrold A. Price

Thank you for today. Ladies of the republican party. In Seaford

Leonard Summers

My vote is for you 100%

Saw you through social media and love what you stand for.

One question, what are you thoughts about the rising prices and inflation?

Sarah Klein


Are you going to be doing any meets during Defense Day at Fort Miles?

Jerrold A. Price

When donating to my campaign please go to check section on this page . Thank you

James Clinkscale

Dear Mr. Price,

I am writing to you on behalf of the US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, to address a matter of significant importance regarding your website,

It has come to our attention that your website currently does not meet the compliance standards outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ADA compliance is crucial to ensure equal access to goods and services offered online for individuals with disabilities. Non-compliance with ADA standards can lead to serious consequences, including legal ramifications, financial penalties, and potential removal of your website from the internet.

ADA compliance entails ensuring that your website is accessible to individuals with various disabilities, including visual, auditory, motor, and cognitive impairments. This encompasses features such as alternative text for images, captions for videos, keyboard navigation, and other accommodations to guarantee full accessibility.

In accordance with the ADA, you are hereby served with a notice to bring your website into compliance within the next seven days. We strongly recommend promptly contacting your website design agency and instructing them to implement the necessary adjustments for ADA compliance. This may involve paying an ADA compliance fee to the agency along with the State. It is imperative to act swiftly to avoid potential legal consequences. Should you fail to engage your design agency within the stipulated timeframe, we will directly contact them to ensure your website’s ADA compliance and have them charge you accordingly. Otherwise, we will request the removal of your website from the internet along with any social media profiles.

Failure to take appropriate action within the given timeframe will leave us with no choice but to initiate legal proceedings, which may result in significant penalties and the removal of your website from the internet, along with any associated social media pages.

Should you require further information or assistance regarding ADA compliance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your immediate attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

James Clinkscale
State ADA Coordinator
US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division

Jerrold A. Price

Looking forward to see the young republican meeting today

Jerrold A. Price

I was at district meeting. ( 38 in Sussex county ) A person approached me and said you are not polished . I put a lot of tought to it. Isaid your right . I Am not . But I am honest. That is the most important

Jerrold A. Price

Good morning Delaware

Roger Clarke

I have been following your social media. Love what yo are standing up for. I would love to donate but I am not very financially sound but if there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

Scott Theil

How is it going come to Dover please, seen your Facebook page, are you currently backed by anyone yet ?

Michael Hall

Hello Good Day,

I have a few questions!

1.) What do you do with my donor information?2.) How secure is your online donation form?3.) How can we volunteer for your cause?4.) Will you be doing any Meet-and-greet events in Wilmington?
5.) Do you have any Facebook or Instagram pages spreading awareness about your cause?

Looking for a prompt response.

Peggy Schnell

I would love to get to know more and everything is looking great love the website.


Last edited 5 months ago by Peggy Schnell
Jerrold A. Price